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Investing In Property in Koh Samui: A complete guide

Thailand’s economic growth is very closely related to tourism and development. In fact, this Asian country has become so popular, especially with western and European travelers, that it is averaging millions of visitors a year staying for at least four days. Tourists love the value for their money as they get to choose from a large variety of attractions, including white sandy beaches, Buddhist temples, Thai cooking classes, palace touring, festivals, and shopping. Luxury Samui properties offered by Baan Thai, condos, guesthouses, and land are just some of the investment options on the island.  Continue reading “Investing In Property in Koh Samui: A complete guide” »

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Pattaya Villa for sale: Don’t Rush and Think Before You Buy

It is a common fact that the profile of a buy to let investor has changed drastically over the past few years. It is highly likely that you may see someone who has entirely no experience in the Pattaya propery market bidding at auction alongside experienced landlords for investment property or looking for a Pattaya villa for sale. There are now more inexperienced landlords than ever before delving into the property market, as apposed to stocks or other investments. Continue reading “Pattaya Villa for sale: Don’t Rush and Think Before You Buy” »