River Fifth

We are incredibly excited to introduce it as you can see in the screen here. It is just steps away from East Harbor. You have multiple transit hubs coming incredibly close by as well as hundreds of thousands of jobs are getting walking distance.

So one of the most exciting projects coming to market in the downtown core feel free to stop by in 91 River Street and ask Twitter for more information. Yeah the price for pre-construction is very, very competitive.

We’ve got beautiful units left, the deposit structure is amazing and we have some beautiful incentives. Tell us a little bit about the transportation in this area and and the jobs that are coming at the companies that are coming, because I think that’s.

That would be very, very important for people that are looking to invest money to buy and also the proximity of this project to downtown so about 10 minutes away to the downtown core at the moment. But we’re also about eight hundred meters.

To these second-biggest, transit hub, coming to the GTA, so East Harbor, again 800 meters away, you’re walking distance to these free card yeah. I’m Dundas on Queen and you have the future sumac station from the Ontario line.

Coming shortly. As well mm-hmm, so East Harbor, if you don’t, know anything about this harbour. Do yourself a favor? Look it up. All you have to do. Is Google East Harbor you’re gonna be blown away by the size and the magnitude of that project.

Twelve million square feet over a hundred jobs. It is the future of the downtown core right and then you have also Google City that is walking distance from here. Cannery distich. This district is walking distance.

We are right next to the Don Valley River, like he says, where few stops away on a streetcar to financial district Dundas Square, it’s, a gorgeous looking building beautiful building you’ve got the terrace with overlooking the sunset yeah in Downtown you know I love this building.

I love this company. I love the people that are behind it and I strongly strongly recommend this project. There is so much more to talk about this project. Give me a call four one: six: nine! Oh two: nine seven, zero! Seven, let’s, set up an appointment and – and you’re gonna be coming to this beautiful presentation.

Center say hello, hello over there, and you know we’re gonna have all of your questions answered and we would love for you to participate in this project again. The price is very comparative. Correct.

More details at https://riverandfifth.condos/

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