Belair Luxembourg studio rentals

Post Covid-19 economic realities indicate that many people who are already out of their previous jobs may seek new positions available abroad to help improve individual economic welfare. It is no surprise that Luxembourg yet offers excellent potentials for expats who don’t mind securing a job outside their countries of origin. Vauban & Fort has been assisting international students and experts with comfortable accommodation in Luxembourg for more than five years.

Living alone in big apartments is becoming very costly around Luxembourg City. Expats and students are opting for flatshare rentals to save costs while enjoying the friendships and comfort that comes with it.

What are the Flatshare Options available in Luxembourg?

Two major flatshare options are available in Luxembourg:

Same generation

This flatshare arrangement allows tenants of roughly the same age bracket to co-share a rental property. Usually, each occupant will have a private room while other utilities such as kitchen, bathroom, and living room are shared. One main advantage of this arrangement is the community feeling you get with your flatmates. It is very common to see very real friendships and support groups emerge among tenants.


If you prefer the company of elderly folks, the intergenerational flatshare option may appeal more to you. Younger people pair with older people in the rental property. Each occupant has a private room while the living room and other utilities may be shared. One major advantage of this arrangement is that whether old or young, you can build solid relationships with your co-tenants. The younger ones offer assistance while the elderly grant them so many favors.

double bedroom Limpersberg

What to look out for in a Flatshare rental arrangement?


Your choice apartment should be close to your place of work or study. Many experts live away from industrial areas due to the high cost of the rent. However, the cost of transportation also comes in. It is more economical to find a shared apartment that is affordable and close to the place of primary assignment.


Free Wi-Fi is fast becoming a common utility offered by most Luxembourg rental properties. You sure need to stay connected to the internet as your job may require that you use the internet more than you initially thought. Rather than paying separately for internet services, having your internet cost embedded in the rent makes more sense.


All properties in Luxembourg are required by law to have some basic insurance. Before renting an apartment, be sure to find out what is included in the insurance cover. Fire insurance is a must. Check for others included in the deal.

Number of tenants

As much as sharing apartments is economical, there is a need to be safe in this period. It is safer to choose a less crowded apartment than one with more people living in it. Social distancing rules can be better kept when the number of tenants is quite manageable.

Use Vauban & Fort real estate services for cost-effective and comfortable flatshare apartments. We have nice apartments across multiple locations within Luxembourg City.