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Toronto’s housing prices may change every now and then, making it difficult to decide where to invest. To help investors, we have listed some of the best places to buy a condo in Toronto.

The COVID-19 has severely affected the real estate market, particularly when it comes to buying a condo in Toronto. Below are the top 3 neighborhoods in Toronto where you can consider buying a condo.

Alderwood, Toronto

Alderwood is located on the west side of Toronto. The trees in Alderwood, which used to be the meeting place for many, are gone now. There is a bustling inner-suburban community with access to major highways, public transport, and a downtown hub. Since it is near Toronto’s financial district, Alderwood’s condo is one of the best places to invest.

Several mall investments and other properties being built in the area will help increase the property values for the neighborhood nearby. Businesses will provide more jobs, a better community among residents, and desirability from those who plan to buy a condo unit.

Yorkville, Toronto

Yorkville is the top destination for wealthy shoppers, where you can find several high-end boutiques, design studios, and galleries, particularly on Bloor Streets. The neighborhood is surrounded by chic cafes, fine-dining restaurants, and bars.

yorkville condos

Many people dream of owning a property in Yorkville. It is far enough from downtown but is just a few minutes away from work. The place is connected to two subway lines and buses and surrounded by great schools, including three private schools. If you have plans on buying a condo unit, get one in Yorkville. If you are on a budget, this is not the neighborhood for you as the properties here are relatively high.

Leslieville, Toronto

Leslieville is dubbed as Hipsterville East and has one of the highest gentrification rates in Toronto’s neighborhoods. Years ago, the street of Leslieville was packed with soda-pop shops and several family-owned businesses. At present, this neighborhood is fashionable. It has a chic gas station. It is located near beaches and commuting to downtown is easy.

Before the rental and purchasing of properties, here is affordable. Things have changed, properties here are not as low as before, but the industrial-style lofts are classier than past housing stock – as are the luxurious condos are being built nearby.


Commuting is not a problem at all. Lots of Leslieville residents work in innovative companies, which allow them to work from home, so they do not need to travel. This is the reason why transportation is not a problem here. Also, the abundance of just plain great businesses that gives jobs to many local hipsters means that those who transferred to Leslieville because of work will surely stay in the neighborhood for many years.

So, if you are interested in owning one of the condo units in Toronto, you can start searching on the three neighborhoods mentioned above first. It is worth investing in one of the Toronto condos.